Thermoelectric Controller – Peltier System

Peltier system

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Based on Peltier effect, the thermoelectric controller is used to analyze and measure samples under the constant temperature. It is applicable for Spectro UV-VIS-2700 and UVS-2800, Spectro UVD-2950, UVD-3000, UVD-3200, UVD-3400 and UVD-3500.

Basic configuration: a temperature controller and a constant-temperature cell holder.

Types of accessories:
  1. Single-stage constant-temperature device.
  2. Multi-stage constant-temperature device.
Technical Specifications
  • Temperature range: 15ºC-55ºC
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1ºC
  • Temperature resolution: 0.0625ºC
  • Display mode: LCD digital display
  • Adjustment mode: continuous adjustment
  • Power supply: 85VAC-265VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Ambient temperature: 0-40ºC
  • Relative humidity: <80%