UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

UV-2505 Spectrophotometer

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Spectro UV-2505 is a low priced traditional analytical device used in conventional laboratories. This spectrophotometer delivers enhanced user-friendliness, precision and accuracy resulting in time and cost savings, as well as unprecedented confidence in test results. Model UV-2505 works in the ultraviolet and visible range of 195-1050 nm and has a 4nm. Bandwidth!. Model UV-2505 spectrophotometer offers high performance and reliability, which can be used in various applications. Spectrophotometer Model UV-2505 can be used extensively for pharmaceutical manufacturing, health, clinical laboratory, biochemistry, petrochemistry, environmental protection, quality control, water management, food processing, agriculture, and for a wide range of businesses and industries.

Spectro UV-2505 can use a multiple cell holder to test cells from 10-100mm (optional)

Spectro UV-Vis RS (Model UV-2505) is equipped with the RS-232C interface and port which link the spectrophotometer and the PC using the UV-VIS optional software. Model UV-2505 can be linked to a computer, which is compatible with Windows Platforms, and a printer to display the photometric and spectral data on the PC monitor.

Spectro UV-Vis RS (Model UV-2505) utilizes a new optical system design and is microcomputer controlled. This instrument has soft keys for ease of use and may utilize 13 mm test tube. Model UV-2505 has excellent baseline stability and high resolution.

Spectro UV-Vis RS (Model UV-2505) consists of a light source (Tungsten Halogen and Deuterium lamp), monochromator, Silicon photodiode, logarithmic amplifier, digital volt meter, D.C. stabilizer, and microprocessor. This new generation instrument is equipped with a microprocessor to automatically adjust 100 % T and Zero ABS, Factor, and Concentration. Spectro UV-VIS 2505 operates with a single beam system and 1200 line grating mirror. Model UV-2505 has a four digit display for automatic calculation and direct readout of (T)ransmittance, (A)bsorbption, and (C)oncentration.

This Spectro can be used by itself or linked to a PC.

This Spectro works with Windows 7.

Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.


This instrument is the realization of a long history of specialized research, design, and manufacture. It is simple in construction and high in performance. The multiple cell holder is one of the unique features of the Spectro UV-VIS 2505. It is able to test, record and print four sample results immediately by built in interface RS 232C. The Spectro may save the reagents and samples by using the optional semi-micro cuvette of 1.5 ml or less to reduce waste. This unit was constructed with high reliability, durability, ease of operation, and maintenance in mind.

  • Easy to change light source.
  • Verycompetitive price.
  • Has FDA license.
  • RS 232 computer interface.
  • 4 nm bandwidth. NEW AND IMPROVED!
  • Wide continuous wavelength.
  • At Labomed, we believe greatly in the accuracy of our spectrophotometers. We are so sure of the quality that we can include 2 testing filters (optional) for testing calibration.
  • Computer System is optional (NOT INCLUDED).
  • Can use a multiple cell holder to test cells from 10-100mm (optional)
Included Accessories
  • 4 square glass cells 10mm.
  • 2 square quartz cells 10 mm.
  • 1 multiple 4 cell holder.
  • 1 Power Cable
  • 1 Instruction manual CD
  • 2 Fuses (3A)
  • 1 Software CD
  • 1 RS232 Connection cable
  • 1 Dust cover.
Optional Accessories
  • Multi-purpose cell holder for long path (10-100mm) rectangular cells
  • Set of 2 performance testing filters (1 “E filter” for photometric accuracy testand 1 didymium filter for wavelength accuracy test)
  • RS232 interface cable (optional)
  • Optional Software for Windows 7 Includes RS232C cable, operator’s manual. (Specify: Spectro UV-Vis 2505)
  • External printer (Attaches directly to the Spectro UV-2505)
Technical Specifications
  • Optical system: Single beam spectrophotometer, diffraction grating.
  • Bandwidth: 4nm. NEW AND IMPROVED!
  • Wavelength range: 195-1050 nm.
  • Photometric Range: 0-100%T, 0-1.999A
  • Light source: Tungsten Halogen (12V/20W) and Deuterium lamp (DD2.5).
  • Detector: Silicon photodiode.
  • The largest allowable error of the wavelength (nm) : 2
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±2 nm.
  • Wavelength reproducibility: 1 nm.
  • Spectral band pass: 4nm.
  • Stray light: < 0.3% T (at 220m. 360nm)
  • Transmittance range: 0-100% T.
  • Multi cell holder: 4 cuvettes.
  • Absorption range: 0-1.999 A.
  • Concentration range: 0-1999.
  • Direct-read Range : 0-1999.
  • The largest allowable error of the transmittance (nm) : 0.5%
  • Photometric accuracy: ±0.5% T.
  • Monochromator: 1200 lines/grating mirror.
  • Noise: 100% Noise <0.3% T/3min, 0% Noise <0.2%
  • Stability: bright current <0.5%T/3 min., dark current <0.2%/3 min.
  • Transmittance reproducibility: 0.2% T.
  • Power: 220 V /110 V +-10% 50/60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 22″(W)x14″(D)x11.5″(H) inches. 450mm x 390mm x 210mm.
  • Net weight: 13 kgs.